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Frequently Asked Questions

WASA has put together a list of frequently asked questions that parents and/or players may have. Click on the question. As the season progresses, we will be adding to the list.

1. What is Recreation and what is the difference between this and Travel?

Some differences between the Recreation and Travel Leagues are as follows:

  • The Recreation program is for children between the ages of 4 and 8 years old and the Travel program is for children ages 9 and older.
  • The Recreation players play other Wadsworth Recreation teams in their age group on the Muhl Park Fields off Trease Road. The Travel teams play other teams in the OHTSL league in their division at various fields around the area.  The NOGSL play at fields in the greater Akron and Cleveland areas.

2. How are cut-off ages determined?

For all players the cut-off age is determined by the age of the player on December 31. The soccer year runs the same as birth year, January to December. Players stay in the same age group the entire year. Players must be 3 years old by December 31st to be eligible to play soccer in the spring season. 

3. What are the age cut-offs?
Registration is based on birth year.  Recreation is U4 thru U9 where U4  thru U6 are co-ed.  Travel is U10-U15.
Each "year" consists of two seasons.

4. Can my child play on the same team as a friend/neighbor?

If you would like your child to play on the same team as a friend or neighbor, you must request this at the time registration. Please remember that your child must be in the same division as the friend/neighbor and that in the U7 and U8 divisions, the boys and girls are separated. We will make every effort to accommodate special requests, but it cannot be guaranteed.

5. Are there pictures taken every season?

We will have pictures taken during every season of the Recreation program. The pictures will be scheduled at the beginning of the season. 

6. How do the teams in the "Recreation" league get chosen?

Each division has a commissioner who will put the teams together. 

7. When are games played and practices held?

For Travel teams, the games are played mostly on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. For Recreation teams, the games are played on Saturday mornings and weekday evenings.  Practices for either type teams are determined by the coach and can vary on the days of the week.  Most coaches practice on weekday evenings.  U6, U7 and U8 teams practice once or twice a week for about an hour.  Older teams can practice as much as one and a half hours twice a week, sometimes more. 

8. Where are games and practices held?

All WASA teams must practice on an OYSAN approved soccer field. Most teams (either Recreation or Travel) will practice on Muhl Fields but there are several others that are available for our use. Check the game/practice schedule for availability. Travel team's games can be anywhere in the greater Akron or Cleveland Area (depending on what league the team is in). For the Recreation teams, all the games are played in town at Muhl Park off Trease Road. 

9. What type of equipment does the player need to have?

The player MUST have shin guards in order to play. Soccer shoes should also be worn. Baseball cleats are NOT allowed. The difference between baseball and soccer shoes is the toe cleat. Soccer shoes DO NOT have a toe cleat. All players need to bring a soccer ball and a water bottle to practice and games. 

10. How long is the season?

The Travel teams play 8 games. The spring season lasts about 7 weeks (early April to early June) and the fall season lasts from August to late October. The Recreation teams play 8 games in 6 weeks during both seasons. Both Travel and Recreation skip the major holiday weekends such as Easter, Memorial Day and Labor Day.

11. Can I request to play with a certain coach or player?

Although requests are discouraged, the club makes attempts to honor them with NO GUARANTEES. Refunds will not be approved because requests are not honored. 

12. How much does it cost to play?

Fees vary depending upon age.

Rec U4/U5
Rec U6
Rec U7/U8
 Rec U9 $125.00
Grizzly United

Discounts and Fees:

 - WASA may offer a Discount for On-Time registration and may charge a Fee for registering late. 

Multiple player Discount:

 - Your third child (the youngest player) is only half price and the fourth child or more play for free*. The online payment system will NOT calculate your discount.  In order to receive your discount you must request a refund by sending an email to:  [email protected] or you may calculate the discount and mail in your Registration Payment to:

WASA Treasurer
390 Trease Road 
Wadsworth, OH 44281


* Multiple Player Registration Discounts do not apply to uniform costs.

Additional Fees:

WASA Fundraiser Cards are sometimes added to your child's registration each fall.  Two (2) cards are added for a total of $20.  You can sell these for your own re-imbursement (preferred) or WASA will offer a few buy back dates.  This is WASA's largest annual fundraiser and we appreciate your understanding and participation. 

Recreation (U5-U9) players will need reversible jerseys. The cost of the jersey is $24 and can be re-used through all levels of In House play.

Travel players need full uniforms. The cost of the uniform is $72 which includes (2) Jerseys ($17 each), shorts ($26), and socks ($12). Uniforms are usually worn for two to three years. 


13. What is WASA's refund policy?

Refund requests are to be submitted to the treasurer by email and/or a letter mailed to the WASA postal address. All refund amounts issued are as stated below:

a. Request must be postmarked or received to the treasurer prior to the first practice of the season.
b. Any player that registers late, and cannot be placed on a roster as a result of all the rosters being full, shall receive a full 100% refund.

a. Request must be postmarked or received to the treasurer prior to one week before the teams are required to be declared to the league for the season. This date can be verified by contacting the Travel Directors.
b. After the declaration date has passed, a 50% refund will apply up to the team’s first practice.
c. After the teams first practice, a refund will not be approved.
d. Any player that registers late, and cannot be placed on a roster as a result of all the rosters being full, shall receive a full 100% refund.

14. What are the fees used for and why do we pay them?

The players pay fees to maintain the fields, that includes everything from fertilizing and seeding to weekly mowing. The fields are lined as needed and depending upon who is using the fields. WASA has a part-time office manager, a concessions manager, and three field maintenance workers all of which are paid by your fees. We pay for coaching clinics to assist coaches in becoming better prepared to coach their teams. We have DD referees that are also compensated for their hard work. There are many other incidental items such as field flags and coaching materials that are paid for by player fees.

WASA's Travel League belongs to an organization called GAASA who handles all the game scheduling between the other cities and Wadsworth teams. They also schedule referees and pay them for us. Each player and coach are required to pay player and team fees plus referee fees based on the number of games played and how many refs are required on the field during a game. In addition, if a team makes it to the playoffs, there is another team fee to participate.

Please attend our bi-monthly general meetings at 8:00pm at the Knights of Columbus Hall on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. All financial information is available at all meetings. 

15. I'd like to help. How can I volunteer?

At registration, you are asked to volunteer on the registration form. If you do, your name is added to a master volunteer list and will be called as needed. You are also welcome to contact any WASA board member or attend a WASA general meeting. All general meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month with the exception of December.

16. When is player registration?

Spring registration is normally in January. Fall registration usually occurs in May/June. WASA advertises registration on WCTV, the Trading Post, the WASA web site, the Strand, and with a banner in town if space is available from the city. 

See the Registration Link for upcoming registration times.

17. Why does player registration happen so far in advance?

Due to OHTSL and OYSAN (Ohio Youth Soccer Association North) regulations, we must have our player registrations by a specific date or we pay a penalty for each player that is registered late. We have early registrations in order to meet these deadlines and to prevent WASA from asking parents to pay an additional late fee.

18. What can I do if I don't like my child's coach?

We want every child's experience to be successful. We encourage parent feedback through surveys at the end of each season, and your comments/suggestions are always welcome via the website or the monthly WASA meetings.

For more immediate issues, you should contact your league commissioner. Each commissioner and their contact information is listed on the website additionially, you may discuss issues with any WASA board member.

19. How can I find out when the fields are closed or the games are called off?

Every effort is made to update the WASA website as soon as possible for field closings. Additionally, your league commissioner will be in touch with your coach and the coaches will contact you as soon as possible.

20. If my child wants to be a referee for the U7/U8 division, what does he or she need to do?

If your child is interested in becoming a referee for the U7/U8 divisions, please send an e-mail to [email protected].  We will be sending e-mails out 3-4 weeks prior to the start of the season. Your child must be at least 12 years old and must attend a referee clinic. At the clinic, the rules for the division will be reviewed. It is very important that referees attend, especially new referees.

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